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Thanks for dropping in. Most of my books involve history, the paranormal and romance in varying (and varyingly weird!) combinations. They include gay ghostly romance December Roses, gay vampire romance Echoes of Blood, and Got Ghosts?, a paranormal romp set in a haunted English manor house. So whether you like ghosts, vampires, time travel or tentacles, I hope you'll find something new - and enjoyable - to read.

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Guest blog post

A new feature on Christal Cooper's blog, talking about the emotional impact of writing December Roses and some of my other books.

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Coming soon!

New book Trench Warfare, featuring an archaeological dig, a missing priory, and a sweet romance, should be out on Kindle in the next few months.

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New review and interview

Scottish author Carol McKay (of Incunabulum) posted an interview with me and a lovely review of December Roses.

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December Roses

A mysterious garden... an enigmatic man... but are either of them real?

"...[an] amazing, well written, easy flowing, suspenseful, supernatural, dark theme story... I’m declaring Fiona Glass my favorite dark theme writer!"
MAK on Amazon

"I was completely immersed in Nat's world... the garden wrapped itself around me and sucked me (very happily) into it."
Andy Paulcroft, author of 'Postcards From Another Life'

When injured British soldier Nat is sent to remote army rehab centre Frogmorton Towers, he discovers a once-beautiful garden and the enigmatic Richie, and starts to fall in love. But there's something odd about Frogmorton. He can rarely find the same place twice and Richie proves every bit as elusive as the Chinese pagoda or the Scottish glen. Nat begins to question his own sanity, because if the garden is imaginary, what does that make the man he loves? Faced with the shocking truth, Nat must decide whether to stay with the army - even though that means hiding his sexuality - or find acceptance elsewhere.

This bittersweet m/m romance is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Recent articles and guest posts

Garden inspiration

Check out which childhood literary classics, and which mysterious English gardens, combined to inspire the setting and backstory of December Roses, at Anne Barwell's blog.

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  • Tolkien drinking game

    See how many Lord of the Rings references you can spot hidden in December Roses! Details at Jay Mountney's blog.

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  • History, Romans, Liverpool and... vampires?!

    Yes, there really is a connection! See what links all four in Echoes of Blood at Annie Whitehead's blog.

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