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Thanks for dropping in. Here you'll find details of all my books and many of my short stories (an odd mix of romance, ghosts, vampires, and tentacles, sometimes all at once) as well as my latest writing news; a brief introduction to myself; articles and guest posts; and links to my blog and social media.

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My books

Echoes of Blood

"Tell me there's no such thing as vampires."

"A lush, haunting vampire tale.."
Aleksandr Voinov, author of 'Witches of London'

"...Five men, five pasts. When they entwine together, only then can love flourish. An entertaining story that will appeal to those who love their vampire tales."
Susan Mac Nicol, author of 'Double Alchemy'

"Fiona Glass weaves the everyday and the supernatural into a cohesive whole, concealing chilling - and surprising - secrets within its far-from-everyday storyline."
Charlie Cochrane, author of 'Best Corpse For the Job'

This poignant paranormal romance combines a modern-day setting in Liverpool with the disappearance of the mysterious Ninth Legion of Rome, and a love story with a dark and bloody twist. The first in the Liverpool Echoes series.

You can read a lengthy excerpt from the first chapter at Stonewall Writers & Readers. Or head to the main Echoes of Blood page for more info including details of where you can buy the book.

Recent articles and guest posts

History, Romans, Liverpool and... vampires?!

Believe it or not, there really is a connection! Fellow writer Annie Whitehead gave me free run of her blog to explain what links all four in Echoes of Blood.

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  • Hanging out with a hippo

    The Haphazardous Hippo asks which books make me cry, which character I'd like to spend time with, and why I'm so bad at maths.

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  • Ghosts, more ghosts and the Mona Lisa

    Lacey Dearie interviewed me about Got Ghosts? during a recent virtual visit to Greystones Hall!

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What's new

There's a whole new page of free short stories for you to check out, including The Summons, a creepy little tale based on Cumbrian folklore.

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My books

Drop in for a full list of my current books, together with some of the many short stories I've had published in anthologies and magazines over the years.


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I live in a slate cottage within stone-throwing distance of England's largest lake. I rarely have my nose far from the pages of a good book - or a cup of tea!

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Got Ghosts?

A quirky romp stuffed with ghosts, TV producers, missing paintings, happy - and unhappy - mediums, and yet more ghosts. Published by Fox Spirit.

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"Beast Banks is lined with fascinating old houses, some by noted Kendal architects George Webster and Miles Thompson, and hidden away behind these are the site of the original castle, built some time in the 11th century..."

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