Fiona has a brand new m/m shapeshifter romance short story available, free, at RoM/Mantic Reads from today, as part of the zine's summer flash fiction challenge. 'Make It Snappy' was inspired by a sand sculpture of an alligator at Morecambe a few years ago.

green sand sculpture of an alligator on a beach


Not your average peck on the cheek...

Feathered Friend, a sweet contemporary m/m retold fairy tale featuring a librarian and a shapeshifting racing pigeon, is available from JMS Books now!

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Fiona currently has eight books available including paranormal romances December Roses, Ghosts Galore and Trench Warfare, vampire romance Echoes of Blood, and historical romance Run Wild, Run Free.

She also writes darkly humorous crime and noir - including LGBT comedy noir Embers of Bridges - as Tess Makovesky.

You can find details of all these books and more here:

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When she isn't being a pane in the glass, Fiona lives within stone-throwing distance (never a good idea in Glass houses) of England's largest lake. She writes LGBT romance incorporating her love of history and the paranormal, and rarely has her nose far from the pages of a book - or a cup of tea.

fiona glass


"One of my favourite elements in the real-life Chinese garden at Biddulph was a little ‘willow pattern’ style bridge... In fact, I liked it so much I put it in December Roses."

The story behind the missing bridge at Biddulph Grange:

old clock image


Here's what readers on Amazon and Goodreads have been kind enough to say about Fiona's books:

About December Roses:
"I was completely immersed in Nat's world... the garden wrapped itself around me and sucked me (very happily) into it...."
Andy Paulcroft, author of Postcards From Another Life

About Ghosts Galore:
"Oh my, this was a hoot! A truly fun and intense read, especially when the naughty Spirit shows up.."
Maureen on Goodreads

About Run Wild, Run Free:
"I relished this gorgeously evocative story that conjured up a small-minded, small mining town in 1950s England."
Ellie Thomas, author of the Twelve Letters series and London in the Rain

About Echoes of Blood:
"Fiona Glass weaves the everyday and the supernatural into a cohesive whole, concealing chilling - and surprising - secrets within its far-from-everyday storyline."
Charlie Cochrane, author of the Cambridge Fellows series and Best Corpse for the Job