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Welcome to a brand new page featuring some of my previously published short and ultra-short stories, available to read absolutely free!

Got Ghosts? e-book available!

The e-book of Got Ghosts? is now available from the Fox Spirit Books catalogue.

The Summons

A tiny story of exactly 75 words, based on an old Cumbrian legend, which featured at Paragraph Planet.

The church bells chime across the valley, summoning the villagers to Sunday prayers. But the church lies in ruins deep beneath the inky waters, drowned by the reservoir many years ago.

In The Bull the locals shake their heads. "There'll be a death in the village tonight. Always the way when you hear the bells."

But the pub lies in ruins deep beneath the inky waters, drowned by the reservoir many years ago...

Huff and Puff

This modern take on the Three Little Pigs fairytale was originally published in Mslexia.

Jeremy built a house of wattle and daub because it was green and wouldn't harm the environment. He moved his extended family in, bought a goat and grew his own veg, and was blissfully happy until a freak tornado blew the whole house away.

John built a timber-framed, thatched cottage because he was a fan of all things 'olde worlde'. He filled it with priceless paintings and antiques and was blissfully happy until a freak thunderstorm flooded the village and washed the whole house away.

Jack built his house of bricks, with a solid slate roof. "I don't care how much it rains or blows," he said. "This house isn't going anywhere." He watched the storms through the double-glazed windows and rubbed his hands in front of the modern gas fire, and was blissfully happy... until the market crashed and the bank foreclosed on the house.

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Free stuff

Got Ghosts?

A quirky romp stuffed with ghosts, TV producers, missing paintings, happy - and unhappy - mediums, and yet more ghosts. Published by Fox Spirit.

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