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Huff and Puff

Jeremy built a house of wattle and daub because it was green and wouldn't harm the environment. He moved his extended family in, bought a goat and grew his own veg, and was blissfully happy until a freak tornado blew the whole house away.

John built a timber-framed, thatched cottage because he was a fan of all things 'olde worlde'. He filled it with priceless paintings and antiques and was blissfully happy until a freak thunderstorm flooded the village and washed the whole house away.

Jack built his house of bricks, with a solid slate roof. "I don't care how much it rains or blows," he said. "This house isn't going anywhere." He watched the storms through the double-glazed windows and rubbed his hands in front of the modern gas fire, and was blissfully happy...

...until the market crashed and the bank foreclosed on the house.

* * *

© Fiona Glass
(Originally published in Mslexia magazine.)

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