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Dark and paranormal fiction with a twist of humour

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cuppa, and settle down with a collection of stories ranging from crime to ghosts to romance, some light, some dark, some longer, some shorter, but all served with a twist of humour or surprise.

updates13 Feb '17: If you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise... new short story 'Fearful Symmetry' is published at the Library of Rejected Beauty.  You may never feel the same way about tigers, or curtains, again. Read it free here.

11 Feb '17: Fiona's paranormal romp of a novella, Got Ghosts, will be published by Fox Spirit later this year. Watch this space for ghosts, priest holes, missing paintings, happy (and unhappy) mediums, and yet more ghosts!

Fiona has books, stories in books, and stories in magazines or online. Select books for the former, stories for the latter, and tasters for a selection of short stories available to read, completely free, on the site.

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