Carl seemed excited by the attic, although Emily knew there was nothing of note up there apart from half a ton of mouldering furniture and endless boxes of books.
'Got Ghosts?'


Got Ghosts?

"Great little ghost story with wit and chills."

Fiona's paranormal romance novella Got Ghosts? is a quirky romp stuffed full of ghosts, TV producers, ghosts, missing paintings, happy - and unhappy - mediums, and yet more ghosts. Published by Fox Spirit. Head to the main Got Ghosts page for more info including an excerpt - and where to buy!

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Fiona's short story The Boyfriend From Hell was published in the Fox Pockets anthology Shapeshifters. It's a tongue-in-cheek alien romp - with tentacles - in which nobody is quite what they seems!


Radgepacket #2

The second of Byker Books' anthologies of "industrial strength fiction", including Rock and a Hard Place, in which an ageing rock star pretends to be gay to increase his sales, with hilarious results.

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Radgepacket #4

The fourth volume from Byker Books includes Lemon Sour, Fiona's dark tale of childhood humiliation involving a pair of lemon yellow gloves.

Radgepacket 4

Radgepacket #6

Featuring Jack in the Box. "The first time I clapped eyes on Frank Turnbull I was jumping naked out of the cake at his fiftieth birthday party."

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Over the years Fiona's had short stories published in a wide range of anthologies and magazines. Here's a few of the best (click on the story title to take you to the right page):


A scientist, a laboratory, and some creepy pink goo - but the results aren't what you'd expect...

Concrete Jungle

A prose-poem about love, inspired by the surrealist jungle gardens of Las Posas in Mexico.

Fearful Symmetry

If you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise. You may never feel the same way about tigers - or curtains! - again.

The Swimming Lesson

A chilling tale set on a foreign beach. Sunshine, sand and sangria - but all is not quite as idyllic as it seems.

The Ultimate I.D.

What's the connection between a missing pair of curtains, the Post Office, and a nagging wife? A gruesome one!

A Walk in the Park

This dark, poignant story explores the effects of the modern work ethic and our divorce from nature.

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About Fiona

Fiona lives in a slate cottage within stone-throwing distance (never a good idea in Glass houses...) of England's largest lake. She rarely has her nose far from the pages of a good book - or a cup of tea!

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Drop in for a full list of Fiona's current books, together with some of the many short stories she's had published in anthologies and magazines over the years.

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Contact Fiona

Fiona lurks in various corners of the net including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Get all the details of where to find her here.