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Echoes of Blood - Free!

Vampire romance Echoes of Blood is now available free on Kindle Unlimited.

Heat Haze

In the desert heat, not all is what it seems...

"The closest dune is marked by a line of sagging footprints, leading my eye to the tall, slender figure of my companion. As if sensing my regard, he turns, djellaba and robe flapping like prayer flags in the wind. Even from here I can see his sardonic grin."

In the desert heat, English explorer Edward fantasises about his handsome guide Rashid. When Rashid returns his interest in their tent at night he can scarcely believe his luck. But is their love-making even real, or is it all a mirage? Because in the desert heat, nothing is quite what it seems...

Heat Haze is a steamy little story with a twist in its tail and its tongue firmly in its cheek. Previously featured in Velvet Mafia, it has now been republished by LGTB Romance Deals in their Contemporary Romance Collection (Volume 2), which also features stories by seven other authors and is available as a free e-book on Prolific Works until February 2021.

Just Visiting cover art

Just Visiting

Can love follow someone through time itself?

"An... interesting look at love and what people are willing to do to regain it when they lose it."
Lily on Goodreads

When non-caste dock worker Madoc meets Josh, a man from the future, he little realizes it will be the catalyst to change his world. Madoc is typical of his kind, with red hair and a fiery temper to match, and everything that makes sense to him is forbidden by the castes. Josh seems to be the perfect caste with his pale skin, dark hair and self-confidence, but his tales of another time fuel a fire in Madoc - a fire to change everything that's so wrong with his life. But the fight comes at a price. Too soon, Josh returns to his own time, and Madoc is left to follow his love as best he can. Will he find Josh in a brave new future of his own? Or will he have to accept that Josh was only ever a visitor?

This bittersweet short story was originally published in 'Queer Dimensions' by QueeredFiction and has now been rewritten, expanded and published as a standalone book.

echoes of blood cover

Echoes of Blood

"Tell me there's no such thing as vampires."

"A lush, haunting vampire tale. I really liked this very English take on the 'modern' vampire."
Aleksandr Voinov, author of 'Witches of London'

"Five men, five pasts. When they entwine together, only then can love flourish. An entertaining story that will appeal to those who love their vampire tales."
Susan Mac Nicol, author of 'Double Alchemy'

"Fiona Glass weaves the everyday and the supernatural into a cohesive whole, concealing chilling - and surprising - secrets within its far-from-everyday storyline."
Charlie Cochrane, author of 'Best Corpse for the Job'

This poignant paranormal romance combines a modern-day setting in Liverpool with the disappearance of the mysterious Ninth Legion of Rome, and a love story with a dark and bloody twist. The first in the Liverpool Echoes series.

Got Ghosts?

"Some psychic you are, darling - you didn't see that coming!"

"...spooky chills with plenty of light-hearted laughter."
Matt Hilton, author of 'Preternatural' and 'The Shadows Call'

"...a humorous ghost story with an old English charm."
Tom Adams, author of 'The Psychonaut' and 'Coffin Dodger'

Paranormal romance Got Ghosts? is a quirky romp stuffed full of ghosts, TV producers, ghosts, missing paintings, ghosts, happy - and unhappy - mediums, and yet more ghosts. Published by Fox Spirit in both print and digital versions.

Head to the main Got Ghosts? page for more info including an excerpt - and details of where you can buy the book.

Shapeshifters anthology cover

The Boyfriend From Hell

"The people I work for don't have feet, but if they had they'd have shuffled them."

Forget everything you think you know about the big bad wolf. It’s not that simple any more. Here are werewolves, skin walkers, demons and unknown dangers. Nothing can be relied upon, not species, not shape, not gender.

Tongue-in-cheek short story The Boyfriend From Hell, published in the Fox Pockets anthology Shapeshifters, is an alien romp - with tentacles - in which nobody is quite what they seem!

Older books

Rock & a Hard Place

An ageing rock star pretends to be gay to increase his sales, with hilarious - and life-changing - results.

Lemon Sour

How much childhood angst can a pair of lemon yellow gloves cause? Enough to turn one woman to thoughts of revenge...

Jack in the Box

"The first time I clapped eyes on Frank Turnbull I was jumping naked out of the cake at his fiftieth birthday party." A man seeks revenge for his dead brother.

A selection of my short stories

Some of the short stories I've had published in anthologies and magazines over the years. Don't forget, there's several more stories right here on the Free Stuff page as well.

Clones: A scientist, a laboratory, and some creepy pink goo - but the results aren't what you'd expect... Featured in The New Flesh Magazine.

Concrete Jungle: A prose-poem about love, inspired by the surrealist jungle gardens of Las Posas in Mexico and published in Ink Sweat & Tears.

Fearful Symmetry: If you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise. You may never feel the same way about tigers - or curtains! - again.

The Swimming Lesson: Sun, sand and sangria - but things on this particular holiday beach aren't quite as idyllic as they seem...

The Ultimate I.D.: What's the connection between a missing pair of curtains, the Post Office, and a nagging wife? Hint: it's a distinctly gruesome one!

Make It Snappy: The Pygmy Giant magazine published this twisted tale set in a foot care salon - with some very unexpected fish!

What's new

There's a whole new page of free short stories for you to check out, including The Summons, a creepy little tale based on Cumbrian folklore.

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