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monster in the maze cover

Monster in the maze

NEW! A fun, no sex paranormal short story loosely based on the Minotaur legend.

"Theo remembered to breathe, and set about trying to get himself out of the hedge."

Theo's hopeless boyfriend Christian sends him to investigate strange noises in the Coseley Manor maze, armed with nothing more than a torch and a ball of red wool. But what Theo discovers in the pavilion at the centre of the maze is quite terrifying. As Christian has abandoned him - in more ways than one - it's left to gardener Ted to come running to his rescue...

This fun short story is available, completely free, to anyone signing up to my monthly newsletter.

heat haze summer sizzlers cover

Heat Haze: Summer Sizzlers

A sultry collection of tales just right for summer. From the desert night to a sea cave on Malta, from a sunny beach to Salzburg in a thunderstorm, Heat Haze: Summer Sizzlers features five simmering stories, five different settings, and five couples who find unusual solutions to getting the hots for each other! E-book available on Kindle and KU.

Heat Haze: Englishman Edward fantasises about his handsome guide Rashid. When Rashid returns his interest he can scarcely believe his luck. But is the seduction real, or is it all a mirage? Because in the desert heat, nothing is quite what it seems...
Making Waves: It was only a boat trip, I told myself. Abandoned by his partner and stuck on Malta, Trevor’s holiday has gone sour. But things look up when local boatman Thomas offers him a trip around the bay...
Night Music: Holidays can be the devil... When Jason wins a trip to Salzburg he invites Ben along, but despairs of winning what he really wants. Until a summer storm lights up a strange street of shrines, and brings a little night-time magic to them both.
Beach Nuts: He seemed to notice where my gaze was fixed and glanced down. ‛Oh, I’ve got some sand on myself.’ A couple spending the day at the beach are forced to take matters into their own hands when they’re bothered by a nutter in a floppy pink hat.
Drought’s End: In an overcrowded house in the middle of a heatwave, Simon’s life is spiralling out of control. Will a suffocating railway carriage provide an unexpected sanctuary - and the end of his drought, in more ways than one?

trench warfare cover

Trench Warfare

"What happened, anyway?" "Simple. I fell in."

County archaeologist Steve Saunders desperately wants his latest dig to be a success. Too many people think he’s too young for the job, and besides, the chance to track down the town’s missing priory is too good to miss.

But the dig seems to be jinxed. The weather’s awful, the clients want the land back to build an apartment block, and the clients' representative tries every dodgy trick in the book. On top of that there’s a strange, unfriendly atmosphere about the place. Could that be why the priory disappeared so thoroughly? And what’s the link to the unusual stairs Steve’s assistant Jon finds in the cloister trench?

Throughout everything, Jon proves to be an invaluable support. But when he tries a trick of his own, he sets off a chain of events that lead to a result nobody, least of all Steve, expects.

Trench Warfare is a short, ultra-sweet m/m romance partly inspired by events in an episode of the Channel 4 TV series Time Team, and is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

december roses cover

December Roses

A mysterious garden... an enigmatic man... but are either of them real?

"...[an] amazing, well written, easy flowing, suspenseful, supernatural, dark theme story... I’m declaring Fiona Glass my favorite dark theme writer!"
MAK on Amazon

"I was completely immersed in Nat's world... the garden wrapped itself around me and sucked me (very happily) into it."
Andy Paulcroft, author of 'Postcards From Another Life'

When injured British soldier Nat is sent to remote army rehab centre Frogmorton Towers, he discovers a once-beautiful garden and the enigmatic Richie, and starts to fall in love. But there's something odd about Frogmorton. He can rarely find the same place twice and Richie proves every bit as elusive as the Chinese pagoda or the Scottish glen. Nat begins to question his own sanity, because if the garden is imaginary, what does that make the man he loves? Faced with the shocking truth, Nat must decide whether to stay with the army - even though that means hiding his sexuality - or find acceptance elsewhere.

This bittersweet m/m romance is available on Kindle, and free on Kindle Unlimited.

echoes of blood cover

Echoes of Blood

"Tell me there's no such thing as vampires."

"A lush, haunting vampire tale. I really liked this very English take on the 'modern' vampire."
Aleksandr Voinov, author of 'Witches of London'

"Five men, five pasts. When they entwine together, only then can love flourish."
Susan Mac Nicol, author of 'Double Alchemy'

"... weaves the everyday and the supernatural into a cohesive whole, concealing chilling - and surprising - secrets within its far-from-everyday storyline."
Charlie Cochrane, author of 'Best Corpse for the Job'

Daniel Poole is a man on the run – from his ex-lover, from his civil partnership, from life itself. But when he runs into the arms of a group of dangerous vampires, he risks losing everything - including his life...

This poignant paranormal romance, which was nominated in the Dark Theme category of the Goodreads M/M Romance reader's choice awards 2020, combines a modern-day setting in Liverpool with the disappearance of the mysterious Ninth Legion of Rome, and a love story with a dark and bloody twist.

Just Visiting cover art

Just Visiting

Can love follow someone through time itself?

"An... interesting look at love and what people are willing to do to regain it when they lose it."
Lily on Goodreads

When non-caste dock worker Madoc meets Josh, a man from the future, he little realizes it will be the catalyst to change his world. Madoc is typical of his kind, with red hair and a fiery temper to match, and everything that makes sense to him is forbidden by the castes. Josh seems to be the perfect caste with his pale skin, dark hair and self-confidence, but his tales of another time fuel a fire in Madoc - a fire to change everything that's so wrong with his life. But the fight comes at a price. Too soon, Josh returns to his own time, and Madoc is left to follow his love as best he can. Will he find Josh in a brave new future of his own? Or will he have to accept that Josh was only ever a visitor?

This bittersweet short story was originally published in 'Queer Dimensions' by QueeredFiction and has now been rewritten, expanded and published as a standalone book.

Got Ghosts?

"Some psychic you are, darling - you didn't see that coming!"

"...spooky chills with plenty of light-hearted laughter."
Matt Hilton, author of 'Preternatural' and 'The Shadows Call'

"...a humorous ghost story with an old English charm."
Tom Adams, author of 'The Psychonaut' and 'Coffin Dodger'

Paranormal romance Got Ghosts? is a quirky romp stuffed full of ghosts, TV producers, ghosts, missing paintings, ghosts, happy - and unhappy - mediums, and yet more ghosts. Published by Fox Spirit in both print and digital versions.

Head to the main Got Ghosts? page for more info including an excerpt - and details of where you can buy the book.

A selection of my short stories

Links to some of the free-to-read short stories I've had published in anthologies, magazines and elsewhere online. Don't forget, there are several more stories on the Free Stuff page as well.

The Boyfriend From Hell: an alien romp - with tentacles - in which nobody is quite what they seem, in the Fox Pockets Shapeshifters anthology from Fox Spirit Books.

Can't Fool Me: bonus story set in the Got Ghosts? universe. A woman who doesn't believe in ghosts is determined to win £5,000 by spending a night at Greystones Hall.

Clones: A scientist, a laboratory, and some creepy pink goo - but the results aren't what you'd expect... Featured in The New Flesh Magazine.

Fearful Symmetry: If you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise. You may never feel the same way about tigers - or curtains - again.

The Swimming Lesson: Sun, sand and sangria - but things on this particular holiday beach aren't quite as idyllic as they seem...

Taking Flight There's an unexpected means of escaping lockdown in this modern day fairy tale set on the shores of Windermere.

Wings Over the Battlefield Flash fiction exploring the impact of the Angel of Mons legend on someone who was there.

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Scottish author Carol McKay (of Incunabulum) interviewed me recently and has also posted a lovely review of December Roses.

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