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Got Ghosts?

Fiona's brand new book Got Ghosts? is available now. Check out all the latest details here.

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"Some psychic you are, darling - you didn't see that one coming!"

Haunted manor house Greystones Hall is filled to the brim with ghosts. It's also falling to bits, and artist owner Emily doesn't have the money to refurbish the place. When the makers of hit tv show 'Got Ghosts?' offer to pay for a weekend's filming there she jumps at the chance, even though she and her ghostly grandfather Gramps have reservations.

The reservations seem to be misplaced when the film crew swing into action, and producer Carl turns out to be dark, handsome and very available. But Emily soon starts to have doubts about the methods they use, which Carl won't discuss. Then the show's resident medium Stella stirs up a new and malevolent spirit, revealing a dark secret at the heart of the house that has been hidden for centuries. And when Emily's own safety is threatened, together with that of her ghosts and her beloved Gramps, will it be Carl who comes to the rescue, or someone much more unexpected?


"Great little ghost story with wit and chills... "

"Really fun little novella that's perfect for Halloween reading..."

"...spooky chills with plenty of light-hearted laughter." Matt Hilton, author


‘I see I shall have to explain after all. Miss Price, the 'Got Ghosts?' crew spends the weekend at a haunted property and films the results. The programme goes out on the Paranormal Channel at nine pm Mondays and Thursdays and our ratings are very good.’ The impatience was turning to the hurt of an abandoned dog and Emily, kind-hearted to a fault, hurried to appease.

‘Oh yes, I'm sure they are.’

‘We have it on the very best authority,’ the voice continued as though it hadn't even heard, ‘that your property, Greystones Hall, is one of the most haunted houses in England. Isn't that right, Miss Price?’

‘Er, well, I suppose....’ said Emily, chewing a finger nail.

‘Splendid. We'd like to come and film your ghosts on the weekend of the twenty-seventh to the twenty-ninth. If that's all right with you.’

The voice didn't leave much room for negotiation, but Emily baulked at the idea of allowing her beautiful peaceful home to be overrun by cameras and clipboards and people yelling 'cut'. ‘I'm not sure....’

‘We will pay, of course,’ the voice added.

Emily closed her mouth again.


Guest ghost posts
Various blog posts where Fiona chats about the inspiration behind Got Ghosts? or aspects of the book:

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Got Ghosts? is out from Fox Spirit right now, just in time for Halloween.
You can find it on Amazon UK or Amazon US here. Happy ghost hunting!

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