Daniel Poole is a man on the run – from his ex-lover, from his civil partnership, from life itself. His flight takes him to his home city of Liverpool. There, new colleague Edmund sends him to the Fallen Angel, a gay club that specialises in New Romance. There Daniel starts to live again.

He meets and falls for two different men: elfin Nick and the stunning Vincent, who take him under their wing. But when Vincent attacks him and drinks his blood, it’s left to grave young stranger Michael to help.

As rumours sweep the city of men being murdered, Daniel begins to fear for his sanity as well as his health. Who is the mysterious master who appears to control Vincent and Nick? And what is the link to the famous Ninth Legion of Rome? Only by going back to what he fears most will Daniel find the answers he craves, and someone to fill his lonely sky.

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At the Fallen Angel, where Daniel first meets Nick and Vincent, and senses Vincent's power...

After midnight the DJ started playing slowies and the club's mood changed. The large groups of dancers melted away, to be replaced by couples holding each other close. He and Nick joined in for a while but he hardly knew the guy and it felt unnatural. But at least the volume had decreased enough that they could hear themselves think.

‘Fancy a drink?’ He reached into skin-tight jeans in search of his credit card and saw Nick's eyes follow the progress of his hand.

‘Or we could go back to a place I know. It’s not far.’

He paid the guy the compliment of at least thinking about it. For about a minute, maybe less. Then shook his head. ‘Better not. I've got work tomorrow. Next time I'll come at the weekend.’

‘That would be good.’

Nick's smile was wistful, and Daniel wondered briefly if he'd done the right thing. What was on offer was pretty amazing; turning it down was the worst kind of stupid. And yet, it just didn't feel right. He'd found in the past that forcing it didn't work. Besides, the feeling of watchfulness was back. The last thing he wanted was to get off with someone, if someone else was watching their every move. ‘Next time, then,’ he said, and felt only a twinge of regret as he turned away.

Half way to the door he span back round. He'd never asked Nick for a phone number and had no way of getting in touch. It seemed a bit daft to just leave things to chance. He didn't bother with his mobile since the pockets in these old clothes were never big enough. But he could cadge a pen off the bar man and scribble a number on his hand. All he needed was to find Nick again and ask. At first there was no sign of the guy, but then he spotted the pallid hair over the other side of the room and realised he was talking to someone else.

It was tempting to feel a surge of jealousy, but that was ridiculous. Nick was hardly spoken for; they'd chatted and spent an hour together but that was all. He was free to talk to whoever he liked. If he'd found someone to spend the night with then good luck to him. And yet... something said it wasn't that. He couldn't quite see what. Could barely even see the figure that Nick was talking to, since the face was hidden in the shadow of the door to the loos. It was a bloke, he could see that much, and tall, and possibly dark. But that was all. There was a sense, though, that travelled the length of the club, in spite of the crowds between. A sense of power, of menace, almost. He wondered whether Nick was all right. But the guy had seemed capable of looking after himself, and even as Daniel watched, the two figures peeled away from the wall and headed at speed for the door. Just for a second he had a glimpse of the other man. Black but light-skinned, long hair tied back in a pony tail. And again, that sudden surge. Almost as though he was calling to Daniel, ordering him to come to him. At the door he paused, and looked back directly across the room to where Daniel stood. Their eyes met. Daniel gasped at the power of it and took a single step. And then someone else got in the way, and the spell broke, and the next time he looked Nick and his companion had gone.


This book was nominated for the 'dark theme' cateogry of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group readers choice awards 2020, as well as helping Fiona to third place in the QI (Queer Indie) Awards several years running.

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"A lush, haunting vampire tale. I really liked this very English take on the 'modern' vampire." - Aleksandr Voinov, author of Witches of London.

"Five men, five pasts. When they entwine together, only then can love flourish. An entertaining story that will appeal to those who love their vampire tales." - Susan Mac Nicol, author of Double Alchemy.

"Fiona Glass weaves the everyday and the supernatural into a cohesive whole, concealing chilling - and surprising - secrets within its far-from-everyday storyline." - Charlie Cochrane, author of Best Corpse For the Job.

"A dramatic and lustful romance... one you will not want to put down..." - Phoebe's Rainbow World

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